Oslo Gardermoen Airport Flights to and from Norway

Trondheim Flights To TRD  |  Flights From TRD
294 weekly flights
Stavanger Flights To SVG  |  Flights From SVG
280 weekly flights
Bergen Flights To BGO  |  Flights From BGO
276 weekly flights
Tromso Flights To TOS  |  Flights From TOS
164 weekly flights
Bodo Flights To BOO  |  Flights From BOO
118 weekly flights
Aalesund Flights To AES  |  Flights From AES
95 weekly flights
Harstad Narvik Flights To EVE  |  Flights From EVE
80 weekly flights
Kristiansand Flights To KRS  |  Flights From KRS
80 weekly flights
Haugesund Flights To HAU  |  Flights From HAU
76 weekly flights
Orsta Volda Flights To HOV  |  Flights From HOV
71 weekly flights
Forde Flights To FDE  |  Flights From FDE
58 weekly flights
Molde Flights To MOL  |  Flights From MOL
54 weekly flights
Sogndal Flights To SOG  |  Flights From SOG
42 weekly flights
Floro Flights To FRO  |  Flights From FRO
36 weekly flights
Bardufoss Flights To BDU  |  Flights From BDU
34 weekly flights
Kristiansund Flights To KSU  |  Flights From KSU
28 weekly flights
Roros Flights To RRS  |  Flights From RRS
24 weekly flights
Sandane Flights To SDN  |  Flights From SDN
21 weekly flights
Alta Flights To ALF  |  Flights From ALF
20 weekly flights
Kirkenes Flights To KKN  |  Flights From KKN
18 weekly flights
Orland Flights To OLA  |  Flights From OLA
18 weekly flights
Stord Flights To SRP  |  Flights From SRP
10 weekly flights
Lakselv Flights To LKL  |  Flights From LKL
4 weekly flights
Longyearbyen Flights To LYR  |  Flights From LYR
2 weekly flights

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Airports in Norway with Connections to Oslo Gardermoen Airport


Useful Information about Oslo Gardermoen Airport

Oslo Gardermoen Airport Passenger Traffic Edges - Up 8% in Q3 2023

Oslo Gardermoen Airport Passenger Traffic Inch Closer to Pre-Pandemic Levels with 8.04% Increase in Q3 2023

Lounges at Oslo Gardermoen Airport

See all the airport lounges, locations and opening times available at Oslo Gardermoen Airport

Eating and Drinking at Oslo Gardermoen Airport

See all bars and restaurants at Oslo Gardermoen Airport, including locations and if they are before or after check-in

Duty Free Shopping at Oslo Gardermoen Airport

See all shops available at Oslo Gardermoen Airport - plan your duty free shopping in advance